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We are Noga Golan and Tal Golan, two siblings with a deep desire to help Israeli alt protein companies succeed. Namely, we help alt protein companies in Israel find talent, and help talented people find jobs in the alt protein industry.

Tal currently works at Oshi, an Israeli plant-based fish that you can find on our market map page. Previously, he worked for a plant-based seafood company in California and consulted for vegan companies selling on Amazon.

Tal holds a B.A. in economics from Ben-Gurion University.

Noga currently runs Alt Protein Careers, a US-based platform to help people find meaningful work in the alternative protein industry with an HR and recruiting services arm, Alt Protein Partners. Noga also founded Project Eat Less Meat, a non-profit dedicated to promoting non-animal sources of protein, after getting her M.B.A. at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

We were both born in the United States (Noga in Des Moines, Iowa and Tal in San Diego, California), spent much of our lives between Israel and the US, and both served as Lieutenants in the IDF.  

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